We are PUBS.TF server group. We have servers in Singapore, and Hong Kong (localised), running a variety of game modes! You are very welcomed to join us!

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TF2 Servers

Click on Version number to join server.
* Possibly due to server changing map.

Custom Servers

IP Name [SG] PUBS.TF | Zombies Survival | Medic vs Engineer [SG] PUBS.TF | Super Zombie Fortress [SG] PUBS.TF | Medieval Soccer
Servers: 3

Instant-Spawn Servers

IP Name [SG] PUBS.TF | Turbine | Instaspawn [SG] PUBS.TF | Hightower | Instaspawn
Servers: 2

Vanilla Servers

IP Name [SG] PUBS.TF | Vanilla #1
Servers: 1


Donations help us keep our server running and expanding.

Funding Goal
Monthly server cost: 60 Keys
Received: 0.043988269794719995 Keys

You may donate through

Trade Offer 
** Currently we are accepting 1 Key for 1 month of VIP!
** Psst! You can also donate 1 Scrap Metal for access of ~2 hours!
** The donation bot only knows Scrap Metal, Reclaimed Metal, Refined Metal and Keys only!
** Donating anything other than the above will be accepted but will not reward you any privileges.
** You will also get Premium on  if you donate 1 Key equivalent or more. Total duration is proportional to amount of Keys you donated.

*** No refund will be entertained.

Donators' Privileges

  1. Access to VIP command. !vip
  2. Title before your name! !ct
  3. Change chat colour! !ccc
  4. Change weapons colour! !cwc
  5. Building Hats! !buildinghats !rerollhat